Science based – with a heart!

Last September 2018, Papa Martin became very weak due to his medication to address his long bout with a persistent cough. He could not stand up, became grossly disoriented and had poor memory.  He asked to just be given a pill to go peacefully. He was Division Chief at GSIS in his younger days, and later at 90 years old, still independent and the father and grandfather sought for advice. He became depressed because he could no longer do what he could do before. He just wanted to sleep. He lost his appetite.

We were then told about Home Healthlink – that they develop tailored-fit holistic care programs for home-based patients. It was answered prayer! We looked forward to Papa’s recovery.

Home Healthlink’s 7-day Plan of Care included exercises, stretching, time under the morning sun, rounds of motion, massages, breathing exercises, art and music therapy, storytelling, cognitive and tactile activities. These activities stimulated Papa’s senses. Papa used to play chess, so they made Papa feel (Papa can no longer see) the chess pieces with his fingers and say what they are and how they move. Papa did an artwork to express his devotion to his wife Nina. Mom was deeply touched. The exercises helped Papa slowly regain his strength and bring back his confidence. Papa looked forward to his daily routine.  His sleeping pattern improved.

Our Mom was called home in October 2018. During Mom’s wake, visitors were pleasantly surprised that Papa still had a sharp mind and good sense of humor during their conversations. We also noted Papa remembered details about the friends of his children who visited.

We highly recommend Home Healthlink because of its holistic program of care. It is science-based, with a heart. Thank you Home Healthlink for your gift of holistic care!