Why HealthLink®?

Our Healthlink® Care Programs are physician-managed home health services that target the specific medical and psycho-social needs of the patient. Our programs, systems and procedures are patterned after the US Home Health Care System and has been proven to be effective due to its multi-disciplinary and solution-based approach.

Our Healthlink® Plan of Care includes medical interventions and activities that are aimed to improve of our patient’s medical conditions and body and mind wellness. Goals are set at the start of the program and progress is monitored daily. Our Home Care Specialists are well-trained to render pro-active care and therapy and engage patients and family to achieve treatment goals. They are supported by nurses and physicians for consultation and reporting on patient’s condition and progress.

Our Patient Care Mentoring Program for family-designated caregiver ensures that Plan of Care is carried out properly even after the end of Healthlink®’s patient engagement.

Our full-service programs provide convenience for both the patient and the family by being able to immediately supply all the patient’s needs at consistent quality. Home Care Visits by our staff eliminates the inconveniences of receiving out-of-home treatment (travel time to treatment centers, waiting time), specially for disabled patients.

Our Healthlink® Programs are considered cost-effective specially due to shorter hospital stay, less hospital re-admissions, minimal work absences by family members, and less transportation cost for both the patient and his family.